Children & Families First


How can you help my child succeed in school?

We recognize your child as an individual who has unique strengths, limitations, and needs. Our program will enhance your child’s current skills and teach your child new skills essential to future success in school. Your child will have the same learning opportunities and experiences as all children in Head Start and Early Head Start. We will link you and your child to appropriate community resources, and you will learn how to become your child’s best advocate

How will my child be included in the classroom?

Your child will participate in all activities with their classmates. We’ll plan activities so that your child will learn and have fun at his or her own pace. We’ll develop a consistent routine that will make your child feel safe and comfortable as an important member of the classroom.

What is the classroom environment like?

Our classrooms are set up in learning areas that allow children to play, learn, and interact with various materials. We have centers such as blocks, music, science, dramatic play and literacy. We’ll provide opportunities for your child to explore the toys and materials in the environment.



How are teachers trained to work with my child?

Our teachers undergo yearly training to work with exceptional needs children. Your child’s teacher knows how to alter the environment, adapt the materials, and modify the activities so that your child can achieve the same level of success as his or her classmates.


Once enrolled in Children & Families First’s Head Start/Early Head Start program, your child can receive mental health services that support his/her social-emotional wellness, including:Social-emotional screenings

  • On-on-one intervention in the classroom

These services are provided by Family Solutions.

For children exhibiting challenging behavior, more intense intervention is available outside of the classroom, including:

  • Written goal plans
  • Teacher and parent consultation/training
  • In-home intervention

Additionally, mental health consultants visit our Centers on a monthly basis to monitor classrooms and provide support to center staff on an on-going basis.

How can I discretely ask about mental health services?

Call the Mental Health Services Manager at (336) 369-5067 for help or suggestions for your children or family. All information is held strictly confidential.

Or complete our CONFIDENTIAL online contact form. (this is a contact form that will need to be created with several drop down options, which, depending on the selection, will be routed to a specific email address/contact person).



Where will I meet with my mental health consultant?

Mental health consultants have on-site office hours at each or our 13 child development centers and can meet with you as needed at a location convenient to you.