Children & Families First

Our Message to the Community

Community members, staff, and friends,

George Floyd lost his life to a heinous criminal act born out of racial intolerance – the same bigotry demonstrated by merciless perpetrators of hate on this continent over the last 400 years. His 6-year-old daughter, unable to fully comprehend the depth of her loss, will soon cry out for her Daddy and hear no response. This reality is true for too many young children of African-American men.

Through oppressive policies, violence, injustice, and lackluster accountability of individuals who use their power to intimidate and deprive the defenseless, African-Americans have continued to be victims of pervasive racism and racist societal structures that destroy the fabric of families across the United States.

Guilford Child Development (GCD), standing in solidarity with those whose cries pierce our souls, vows to protect the innocence of young children, to help parents build strong young men and women, and to support families and our employees as we mourn the loss of another father, son, brother, mother, sister or friend.

On Tuesday, George Floyd’s daughter reached her arms to the sky proclaiming, “My Daddy changed the world!”, and I believe she must grow up knowing this with certainty. We must stand together, every voice as one, to right the many wrongs that have allowed this type of injustice for so long.

To make the changes we seek, we must collectively engage in honest and open dialogue with one another, have a willingness to acknowledge our own biases, and work together to provide solutions. I am proud to be part of the great state of North Carolina, and proud to have a Governor who walks alongside us in protest of these senseless acts of violence. I believe that together, we can and will get through this.

GCD exists to be a beacon of hope to our community – so we shall use our voice, commit our time, and take a seat at the table to be part of the change so desperately needed. For us all I pray, ‘Heavenly Father, guide us in finding ways to collectively bring about the change we wish to see in the world. Amen.’

Maria Layne-Stevens
Chief Executive Officer